The first artificial human arm.

Near-full human range of motion, a basic sense of touch, and mind control. All non-invasively. And so much more. Coming 2023.¹


All images are directional concepts to illustrate functionality, not final design.²

Smart wearables.

An attachment for the 21st century.

Not a socket. A shirt.

Modern prosthetic sockets are stuck in the past. We went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned an interface from the ground up, borrowing from high-performance athletic gear.


Just think and it moves.


Don't worry, no implants required. Depending on your signal fidelity, we may suggest a minor outpatient functional enhancement surgery.

Move everything. Naturally.

Even individual fingers, proportionally & simultaneously.

Say goodbye to grips.

We move our arms naturally, controlling many degrees at the same time. With Atom Touch, you'll be able to move your fingers, your wrist, your elbow... at different speeds, at the same time, at your discretion.

And so much more...

We're excited to reveal more as we get closer to releasing the Atom Touch.

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¹ Due to the tentative nature of preorders and external circumstances like COVID-19, all release dates listed are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed.
² While we're working hard to implement all listed features in our first product, all features are considered work-in-progress and may not make it into the final product in full or partial form.