Introducing the Atom Touch

The first artificial arm capable of near-full human range of motion, a basic sense of touch, and mind control. Coming 2023.Ā¹

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What's the Atom Touch?

We're making an artificial arm that will be capable of near-full human range of motion, restore a basic sense of touch, and be non-invasively mind-controlled. Coming in 2023.Ā¹

See Atom Touch for more information.

What's inĀ the Atom Preview?

  • Remote testing of Atom Touch components
  • In-person testing of Atom Touch armĀ²
  • Video calls & surveys to get to know you betterĀ³
  • First to pre-order before the public
  • Plus Atom swag, invites to events, and more.

Do I have to join the preview to qualify to order an Atom Touch later?

No. You don't have to join the preview in order an Atom Touch later.

Anyone will be able to order an Atom Touch when they're available.

Preview participants will be able to pre-order before the public.

Does the preview cost anything?

Nope. The preview is free and always will be.

How do I join the preview?

Just fill out the form above and follow the steps.

More questions?

Read the full Atom Preview FAQ.

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Ā¹ All release datesĀ are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed.
Ā² In-person testing is currentlyĀ openĀ to Northern CaliforniaĀ residents only.
Ā³ Your information is 100% private and never shared without your permission.