A Letter from Atom's Chief Clinical Officer

November 30, 2020

Hi! My name is Albert Chi and I am the Chief Clinical Officer for Atom Limbs. I’ve been a trauma surgeon for over 10 years and am also commissioned as a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy Reserve.

I’m a massive supporter of our mission at Atom Limbs — I’ve been involved with this effort starting with R&D almost 10 years ago.

Atom Limbs represents a revolution in prosthetics, allowing users to control the limb as though it was an integral part of their body. The use of advanced AI + a restored basic sense of touch for control feedback plus a strikingly natural yet futuristic design with 26 degrees of freedom for full human motion puts Atom Limbs in a league of its own.

Ultimately what has drawn me to Atom Limbs is what the technology offers for my patients. Atom Limbs offers a far superior product for upper limb amputees seeking to regain functionality and potentially re- enter the workforce. And I am sure that our team will be able to successfully execute on this mission.

My passion is improving the lives of people with traumatic injuries and an emphasis on motor control, so you’ll be hearing more from me in the future.

If you have any questions about Atom Limbs, amputation, or prosthetics in general, please feel free to reach out at albert@atomlimbs.com

Best wishes,

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Albert Chi, Chief Clinical Officer

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Albert Chi, MD, MSE, FACS

Associate Professor of Surgery, Oregon Health Science University
Medical Director, OHSU Targeted Muscle Reinnervation Program
Research and Exploratory Development Dept, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
Commander, United States Navy Reserves