Ringit Gürlich

Soft Goods Lead

Ringit Gürlich is Atom's Soft Goods Lead and reports to CDO Doug Satzger.

Ringit is a senior soft goods development leader, with robotic & soft goods product experience at Nike, Samsung, SRI, and IDEO. Ringit's specialties include material sourcing through to pattern design & construction.

Previous to Atom, Ringit was Senior Soft Goods Developer at Seismic, leading all soft goods aspects of their apparel-based exo-suit from design to construction to sourcing.

Prior to Seismic, Ringit was Senior Soft Goods Tech at Stanford Research Institute's Robotics Department, leading a range of robotics projects.

Prior to her time at SRI, Ringit created some of the most iconic products in the world while Soft Goods Prototype Consultant at Nike, Samsung, IDEO, and Nokia, including prototyping the original "Beats by Dre" product case.

Ringit is also Museum Preparator for all galleries at the San Francisco International Airport Museum.