Meg Grant

Smart Wearables Lead

Meg Grant is Atom's Smart Wearables Lead and reports to CDO Doug Satzger.

Meg is a senior wearable technology engineer with textile-embedded product experience at Google, Honda, and Seismic. Meg's specialties include soft circuit techniques, AR/VR motion, and apparel-based exo-suits.

Previous to Atom, Meg conducted application and market exploration for Honda’s flexible battery solution.

Prior to that, Meg was Principal Creative Technologist at Seismic, where she led integration of electronic materials & techniques into Seismic's apparel-based exo-suit. Meg also created & led the user research program for wearable worker safety robotics at Seismic.

Before that, Meg was a Product Development Engineer at TE Connectivity's Wearable Lab, working on e-textile connectivity, as well as connectivity for Google's Project Jacquard.

Meg is also Network Resident at Autodesk Technology Center. Meg holds an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design & Technology from Massey University.