Greg Springer

Chief Scientist

Greg Springer is Atom's Chief Scientist and reports to CTO Eric Monsef.

Greg is an experienced engineering executive with hardware and software development experience, frequently sought out to solve the hardest engineering and organizational problems.

Prior to Atom, Greg was Head of Engineering at Glydways where he led the engineering of a high-capacity automated transportation solution for dense urban environments.

Previous to his work at Glydways, Greg was Director of Advanced Technology & Projects at Google.

Before Google, Greg was a key engineering leader at Apple for 13 years, as Director of Hardware Engineering - Core Architecture, and Senior Manager, Product Development - Core Engineering. Greg developed product development processes still used by Apple hardware development teams.

Greg has led multiple technology development programs ranging from material development and application — e.g., Halogen-free TPE cables — to defining new standards — e.g., Thunderbolt. Greg has also led the development of four state-of-the-art, cross-functional product development labs.

Greg is named on over 50 patents, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo.