Our mission is to cure disability & death by building Human Body 2.0

Atom Limbs is a technology company building artificial bodies, starting with limbs. People and businesses of many types — from 1 billion disabled people to the $100B+ telerobotics industry — will use our products to restore and augment their bodies.

The problem with prosthetics

Despite advances in technology & medicine, the prosthetics industry is still stuck in Civil War-era technology.

Reimbursement complexity, a byzantine healthcare system, and long regulatory timelines mean the industry is still today where it was 50 years ago. Disabled individuals are left with expensive body-powered devices with extremely limited capability. Even "advanced" systems just collect dust.

Giving people their limbs back helps them live a normal life again, reduces massive financial burden on our healthcare system, and increases their creative & economic output.

The potential of human-scale robotics

The human hand is considered one of the greatest tools ever evolved. Yet robotics is still a "pick-and-place" industry.

Robotics is poised for a human augmentation revolution. Moving from oversized, highly-custom, and task-specific end effectors to highly-dexterous, human-scale, generalized limb replacements.

More generalized & mobile robotics removes barriers to augmenting humans, expedites quality-of-life democratization, and unlocks massive economic output.

The new human body is coming

Atom Limbs combines breakthroughs in neural interfacing and human-scale robotics — with rapidly-decreasing hardware costs and the relentless pace of AI innovation — to create artificial limbs only thought of as sci-fi until now.